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Spock 'n' Sulu

The Unreasonable: Voidstar Productions XXV Year Anniversary Compilation

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There’s a new cathode ray tube track on the compilation album “The Unreasonable: Voidstar Productions XXV Year Anniversary Compilation.”  It’s the herald of the new age of piano for CRT as I seem to be very interested in tickling the old ivories of late.

As it says in the blurb on the bottom of that page:

Reasonable people accept the world as it is, therefore all progress and innovation depends upon the unreasonable.

This is one of many philosophies that reflects Voidstar Productions approach to what we have done. A few examples of how this is reflected in our actions and history:

It would be reasonable to focus on music for commercial viability or academic art world grant worthiness, but instead we care about what stands out wether it is popular or not, has a pHd or is completely self educated and trained.

We could do the usual shows that have bands performing in the order of popularity with order and set times posted so that people can show up just on time for the one band they want to see and leave right after, but instead we work to create a beginning to end experience.

We could book bands to get a big draw that we have no interest in seeing ourselves, but we book shows that we want ourselves and all of the acts on our lineups to enjoy. We want people to come for what they know and leave with experiences that they are glad that they had from performers that they were unfamiliar with.

This compilation is another example of that. Most of these artists have an uncompromising vision of their own and a unique voice ranging from experimental noise to idm and trip hop, from furious dance music ranging from breakcore to rhythmic noise to ebm to worlds of experimentation that range from dark ambienet, death industrial and power electronics to music that defies easy marketing genre categorization. The acts on this compilation include most of the performers and several acts that we would have booked if we could have fit any more into the festival.

We hope that an over 3 hour arc of experience in a compilation is something that you will enjoy in the order it is presented in as well as the individual selections that include many previously unreleased tracks, versions and recordings.

Thank you for supporting Voidstar Productions efforts and we hope you are among those that get to experience our 25 Year anniversary first hand.

I am humbled and honored to be a part of this amazing compilation.



Spock 'n' Sulu

March 2016



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