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Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Because no one asked me to I’ve decided to do my top albums of 2014. So without further ado and in no particular order:

    1. TONIKOM – SEEKING THE LOST MIND:  I’ve been a big fan of Tonikom ever since hearing Stay a few years back. Her music has only gotten better and by better I mean weirder, darker and harder as fu(due). I am proud to have a remix by her on my EP.

    1. ANDY STOTT – FAITH IN STRANGERS: I’ve been a big fan of Andy Stott since a friend turned me on to him back in 2012 or 2011 I think. Since then his music has grown and developed in incredible ways.  His Boiler Room set is one of my favorite pieces of music to listen to when I write.  FIS is an incredible record showing him abandoning almost all the trappings of his last couple of albums and EP’s and doing some very new and interesting things: more vocals, song structure and live bass playing!

    1. PATTERN BEHAVIOR – SENTIENT: I am a proud member of the Component Recordings label. Among the many artists on this amazing, innovative label that I’ve come to know is the awesome Pattern Behavior which is made up of Raab Codec and Elizabeth Virosa. Their music ranges from dark ambient to some really powerful beat driven techno.

    1. JVOX – STRANGE UNIVERSE: This is another gem from the Component Recordings label this year. A truly weird and wonderful mix of beats and sounds, strange tales of aliens, UFO’s and the unbelievable. Seriously, it’s just good ass shaking music that’s sometimes creepy and sometimes funny as hell.

    1. BECK – MORNING PHASE: Somewhere on FB i read something from Pitchdork or Rolling Bone that said no good albums came out in 2014. Clearly no one was listening hard enough. Beck has been a favorite of mine since Sea Change came out and this album – a successor to Sea Change, according to Beck – is nothing short of amazing. It got me through a ton of bad shit this year and during the summer I listened to it every morning. Every. Morning.

    1. BEEF TERMINAL – CANADIAN PATENT: Here’s another cool Bandcamp find via Kent Williams. Great instrumental music from Canada. Dig in!

    1. DEADBEAT & PAUL ST. HILAIRE – THE INFINITY DUB SESSIONS: I am an incorrigible Deadbeat fanboy. Obsessed with the dub by techno he’s been doing for almost ten years. It only gets better. This album is a gorgeous collection of his music paired with the vocals of the sublime Paul St. Hilaire. Also something I listen to every day.

    1. FKA TWIGS – LP1: I caught a few of her tracks before this was released and was amazed that someone finally managed to pair soulful, sexy female vocals with crazy slow techno beats. This is another one that is an incredible record released on a major label that the major music mags ignored. Well, fuck them. She fucking rocks.

    1. SAVAGE REPUBLIC – AEGEAN:  back in the day I wanted to be a member of SR. They were the coolest of the cool. Kind of industrial but post punk, too. Glad to see they’re still rolling it out these days and still killing it.

    1. PILOT PRIEST – DARKNET: Another recent discovery of the last couple years is Pilotpriest. He’s put out some gems and Darknet is truly a soundtrack album. Very dark yet full of pretty elements while still broody.

So that’s what I dug for 2014. Keep listening in 2015, dig?



Spock 'n' Sulu

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