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Dec. 28th, 2014

Spock 'n' Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Because no one asked me to I’ve decided to do my top albums of 2014. So without further ado and in no particular order:

    1. TONIKOM – SEEKING THE LOST MIND:  I’ve been a big fan of Tonikom ever since hearing Stay a few years back. Her music has only gotten better and by better I mean weirder, darker and harder as fu(due). I am proud to have a remix by her on my EP.

    1. ANDY STOTT – FAITH IN STRANGERS: I’ve been a big fan of Andy Stott since a friend turned me on to him back in 2012 or 2011 I think. Since then his music has grown and developed in incredible ways.  His Boiler Room set is one of my favorite pieces of music to listen to when I write.  FIS is an incredible record showing him abandoning almost all the trappings of his last couple of albums and EP’s and doing some very new and interesting things: more vocals, song structure and live bass playing!

    1. PATTERN BEHAVIOR – SENTIENT: I am a proud member of the Component Recordings label. Among the many artists on this amazing, innovative label that I’ve come to know is the awesome Pattern Behavior which is made up of Raab Codec and Elizabeth Virosa. Their music ranges from dark ambient to some really powerful beat driven techno.

    1. JVOX – STRANGE UNIVERSE: This is another gem from the Component Recordings label this year. A truly weird and wonderful mix of beats and sounds, strange tales of aliens, UFO’s and the unbelievable. Seriously, it’s just good ass shaking music that’s sometimes creepy and sometimes funny as hell.

    1. BECK – MORNING PHASE: Somewhere on FB i read something from Pitchdork or Rolling Bone that said no good albums came out in 2014. Clearly no one was listening hard enough. Beck has been a favorite of mine since Sea Change came out and this album – a successor to Sea Change, according to Beck – is nothing short of amazing. It got me through a ton of bad shit this year and during the summer I listened to it every morning. Every. Morning.

    1. BEEF TERMINAL – CANADIAN PATENT: Here’s another cool Bandcamp find via Kent Williams. Great instrumental music from Canada. Dig in!

    1. DEADBEAT & PAUL ST. HILAIRE – THE INFINITY DUB SESSIONS: I am an incorrigible Deadbeat fanboy. Obsessed with the dub by techno he’s been doing for almost ten years. It only gets better. This album is a gorgeous collection of his music paired with the vocals of the sublime Paul St. Hilaire. Also something I listen to every day.

    1. FKA TWIGS – LP1: I caught a few of her tracks before this was released and was amazed that someone finally managed to pair soulful, sexy female vocals with crazy slow techno beats. This is another one that is an incredible record released on a major label that the major music mags ignored. Well, fuck them. She fucking rocks.

    1. SAVAGE REPUBLIC – AEGEAN:  back in the day I wanted to be a member of SR. They were the coolest of the cool. Kind of industrial but post punk, too. Glad to see they’re still rolling it out these days and still killing it.

    1. PILOT PRIEST – DARKNET: Another recent discovery of the last couple years is Pilotpriest. He’s put out some gems and Darknet is truly a soundtrack album. Very dark yet full of pretty elements while still broody.

So that’s what I dug for 2014. Keep listening in 2015, dig?


Dec. 7th, 2014

Spock 'n' Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Last month I played an awesome gig in Providence, RI. Heading up the bill was High Functioning Flesh with support by me, Tovarish and Pattern Behavior. Mandy Martini took some amazing pictures as did Luke Hoagwart.  Check them out!

My new name is Capt. Specialness Vonhandsomesong.
My new name is Capt. Specialness Vonhandsomesong.
Calling the crowd to order
Calling the crowd to order
Much beep we are having.
Much beep we are having.

Turn this button and it all goes SKRONK
Turn this button and it all goes SKRONK
Adjusting hat for better reception.
Adjusting hat for better reception.
At the controls...
At the controls…

Needs more swoosh.
Needs more swoosh.
Dark and contemplative.
Dark and contemplative.
A vision in video splash
A vision in video splash

Thank you and goodnight, space bitches.
Thank you and goodnight, space bitches.


Dec. 3rd, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Tee hee. The internet can be fun sometimes.

Oct. 30th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

My new album WELCOME TO GHOST COUNTRY is out.

As I wrote elsewhere:

“The last year of my life has been tumultuous on so many levels. I found myself broken and ruined, unsure if I could survive it – and worse – unsure if I wanted to during some dark points. The fabric of my life was ripped apart with little sign it could ever be repaired. I came to a point where I could rely only on the inalterable constants in my life to help me through this time, one of which is music. WELCOME TO GHOST COUNTRY is thesonic result of the journey in, out, through and beyond my experience.

Over the last year I’ve listened to the songs on this album more times than I can remember. I’ve composed, recorded, analyzed, distorted and worked over every second of every song for over a year, looking at waveforms on a glowing screen and listening to them in darkness. I’ve plagued friends and family with repeated listenings, begged advice on the album sequence from friends in the dead of night. I still don’t understand where the music on WELCOME TO GHOST COUNTRY has come from and I hope it moves you as much as it haunts me; this tour of unreal kingdoms and forbidden realms, what I consider my most intensely personal album to date.”

It’s free or pay what you want but it’s music to my ears if you pay at least $3.00 for it! How can you go wrong with over an hour of rock solid electronic soul plunging music.


WELCOME TO GHOST COUNTRY out now on Component Recordings

Oct. 2nd, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu

Dear Canadian Synth Musician Lusting After Sweet vintage Analog Gear

Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Dear synthe4ever,

Man, I feel you on wanting one of these, dog! I’ve wanted a JP8 ever since I saw New Order use one in their first US show in New York (didn’t see it in person, saw it on VHS. Yeah, I’m old!).


If you think it looks awesome you should hear how it sounds!

Vintage Roland gear is pretty dang sweet. You can get all your VR ROMplers and soft-synths with algorithms up the kazzingus and still it won’t sound super-duper fat like a real hot JP8 under your fingertips.  I’ve played one in very good condition at my friends house and it was positively sexual – no joke.

Yeah, I’m a musician, too. Been playing for 30+ years (read: I am old). I’ve still got my first synth I inherited from my grandfather (Yamaha Ce-25) as well as the first synth I ever bought with money I earned mowing about 250 miles of lawns (Korg Poly-800ii).

Come to think of it, all the gear I have – from my lowly Boss DR660 to my beloved Roland SH-101 (Yeah, I love Roland gear but I have a pretty equal showing of Roland, Yamaha and Korg gear with a smattering of Alesis, too) – I’ve gotten by working sometimes up to three jobs at a time. And not all great paying ones.

In fact just about every musician I know (this goes from hobbyists to platinum selling artists; yeah, I know both kinds of musicians!) has worked hard to earn just about every piece of gear (including the guy who told me about your goFundme).

For instance: do you know Moby? Because I do. We went to high school together and were pretty good friends until he moved to New York and began to make it big there. I still see him once and a while but that’s beside the point. What I know is I remember when he was living in a crappy little studio apartment in Stamford, CT with cold water only and had a bunch of precious pieces of gear no one gave a crap about back in 1988.  Among these things were a TR-606, a TB-303 and a bunch of other pedals. Now we all know what happened to Moby and what that gear goes for these days. The guy’s got an amazing collection of gear plus some impressive gold and platinum albums he earned with that gear he got by working his ass off in a variety of jobs and then by his music.

Also the guy whose JP8 I played had a selection of gear I never thought I would see in my life.  From vintage analog synths to modular systems and digital monsters. Know how he got all of them? By working. Hard. A lot. All the time.  Some of those pieces would have gotten him a very nice car. Like a Range Rover, dude. Seriously!

Like I said I have a respectable amount of gear. And I love playing each piece for how they sound and especially because I’ve worked so hard to get them in my studio. My Juno 106 has about $2,000+ invested in it which is way above its market value. But I love it because it has that thick Roland sound you can’t get from anything else.

So just as that analog sound and feel is irreplaceable so is that feeling of knowing you worked hard to get the things you want.

Y’know synthe4ever, I’ve got to be honest: I cannot imagine asking people on the Internet for $7,000 to help me buy a synthesizer. Maybe it’s my age but this is the second instance where I’ve seen someone go begging  on the Internet for money for something that essentially really only benefits them.

Now I saw in your plea that you said music benefits everyone and I get that but honestly: do you really think by not giving anyone anything in return – not even a sticker or a thank you card – that they will give you any money just so they can buy one of your releases later and hold it in their hands feeling good about the fact that they paid you twice for something most people would reasonably expect to pay once for? Me I’ve got a hard time imagining that. But then I’m not Canadian.

synthe4ever, I may be old (I’m not sure how old you are from your videos), but throughout the ages I’m pretty sure musicians have wanted instruments from drums to Stradivarius violins to Roland Jupiter 8’s and realized the only way they’re going to get them is by either stealing them (which has its own risks that I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you about) or working hard and long enough to earn the money to buy the instrument in question.

In fact most of the people I’ve known in life – not just musicians – would be kind of shocked and offended if someone approached them either in person or on the Internet asking for donations to buy something for them that by all rights and reason they should be able to earn the money to buy it for themselves.

So I guess that’s what I’m ultimately saying here, synthe4ever, is that unless something is preventing you from working (you may have an illness, I don’t know) you might want to consider getting a job or another job or maybe two jobs so that you can make the $7,000 (is that Canadian dollars, by the way?) for the JP8.

Because I guarantee that the day you purchase it and receive it then plug it in and play it you will feel a far greater sense of ownership and achievement than if you went ahead and begged people to get you the $7,000 for it without giving them anything in return.

Good luck, synthe4ever!


Aug. 20th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu

It’s either the book or Le Page.

Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Sigh. It’s taking so long to get my boy Mingus off of my desk and into your hands.


Don’t my boy Mingus look chill with his coffee, smokes and incendiary newspaper?

This revision process has been facing some stiff competition in the shape of real life. Damn that stuff sucks!

I’m tired of real life getting in the way of my fiction!  People gotta read theez werdzesz!!!

So I’ve been wracking my brains with a way to keep my nose to the grindstone in order to get these edits done and off to the good folks at Ganache for their copyediting prowess.

Then I remembered how a friend of mine’s father developed an ingenious technique to get himself to finish his papers on time:  He wrote a $100 check to the KKK and said if he didn’t finish on time a friend was instructed to mail it. He despised the Klan so much that he never sent the check and always got the work out before deadline.

In this day and age I was trying to come up with some person, place or thing equally abhorrent to me so that I would finish on time but also wouldn’t put me on any FBI terrorist list. Then it dawned on me: an entity that was very legal yet so hated by myself and others that it would motivate me to finish my work so they would never see a dime from me.

Thus I hereby on this blog do proclaim that if I do not finish my edits on my novel LAST SPACEWSHIP TO BROOKLYN by dawn of September 1, 2014 I will donate $100 to the Republican Party.





$100 hurts, trust me.  And giving it to a political party so inimical to the American way of life would gall me so much how can I not do it!

So by publicly stating it I know i have to do it. I have to finish this book or else I will help the Republican party with my money.


I’d better get working!



Aug. 11th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.




So a while back my boy Christian got back in touch after a long absence. We jawed a bit and found we were both still doing way cool music. He asked if I could do an album for him and I say heck yeah.  And thus this gem was born. I have to say I am pretty damn excited about this. I worked hard on it and produced a very new and different sound for me. Christian wanted ambient, noise & drone and I gave him that. And then some!

Consider hitting the donate button up there at the top of the page on the T-Scum site so you feed his babies and my animals.

Jul. 18th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu


Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

Yeehah! The Transparent Ones have come home to roost!

So to speak.

After doling out a single copy of The Astrogatrix to a friend and posting the pic to Facebook a clamor unfurled across the social media landscape.



So I figured that with all the clamor it would be a good time to put them all out there. Because no one’s getting any younger, right?

So here’s The Astrogatrix.  And here’s Augusta, Mother of Salt.

The series is all out there now which is kinda cool.  I’m still working on the fourth book and then there is one more book of short stories set in the same world.

I hope you like it all!


May. 29th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu

Remixes For Sale!

Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

I’m hanging out my shingle doing remixes for anyone. Anyone!  Starting at $25.00 I will remix your stuff. Examples at the page. Email me to find out more. Let my music make your music wonderful and weird.


May. 14th, 2014

Spock &#39;n&#39; Sulu

WRITERLY WEDNESDAYS: Tribal Malfunctions is done

Originally published at C H A N G S P A C E. Please leave any comments there.

So somehow, during one of the hardest weeks of my life containing the second worst day of my life, I finished the 7th or 8th book I’ve ever written.

I believe that if you’re a good writer every book, every story, every word is an opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your craft. Tribal Malfunctions is no different.

For starters it began from a bunch of notes I had for a book in 1988 (!) but couldn’t finish because I didn’t finish anything when I was young. So the notes were there in a notebook and occasionally popping up in my head until I wrote a story about one aspect of the book. “The Girl And The Wrong Shoes” is that story and the first chapter of the book.

Another thing is it’s got a lot of influence from the book “Gangs OF New York” from which the movie was loosely based (and I mean loooooooooooosely). I wanted this to have a feel like that of sheer insanity and roving weird gangs. Also a bit of the cyberpunk feel from which the original idea sprung.

The crazy thing about writing this one is that I really had no idea how it would proceed or even end. I mean really. I think that’s one reason why it was so hard to end it because while writing is a lot like making shit up all the time this one really exemplifies that for me. Not sure why. It may be because so much of it was me picking up elements from things I found in research along the way or whatever but it was hard fucking going.

So for now the end kind of blows but then that may be because it’s still hot and bloody and just off the grill and I’m not sure where this metaphor is going but I think you may understand it.
What happens now? Well… It goes in a drawer for a few months while I edit and revise Last Spaceship To Brooklyn then get that out to publishers. So I figure I’ll look at it in a few months around the end of the summer.

Try to keep yourself amused until then.

Beast mode on,


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